A new way to learn from your customers

We use smart GPS tracking technology to generate rich and reliable data about your visitor experience, whilst enabling you to communicate directly with your customers through our free mobile phone app. 


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Understand your visitors

TracAce captures anonymous data throughout the visit, providing objective detail about how people use your site.  Our proprietary software uses machine learning and AI to evaluate visitor activities, patterns and preferences.


Virtual Guidebook

TracAce enhances a visitors’ experience at a location with real-time and location-based information. The app provides guidance for your visitors, including points of interest to explore, suggested routes and photographs.


The TracAce Explorer app – a virtual guidebook

We’ve created a smart phone app which is an effective tool for any site or location that attracts members of the public. It’s free to download on IOS or Android.

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Statistical Analysis & Reporting

TracAce provides a solution that cuts through the ambiguity and inaccuracy of customer surveys.  We use unique cutting-edge techniques and analytical methods to provide invaluable and otherwise unattainable insight to your visitors’ movements.


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