TracAce FAQ’s

We hope you enjoy using TracAce Explorer. If you have any questions, take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If this does not answer your query, please get touch using our contact page.

About the App

Is it completely free?

Yes, the TracAce Explorer App and all its features is completely free to users on IOS and Android devices. There are no hidden fees or catches!

What data does the app collect?

Whilst you’re recording a track, the app collects anonymous location data from your device. You can also add accompanying information about a track using the app’s questionnaire at the end of a visit. The app does not collect any personal data.

Why do we collect this data?

The location data helps organisations to learn how their site is used by visitors and enables them to make the experience as fun, informative and safe as possible for everyone. It also helps sites to monitor environmental issues on their site and improve their sustainability.

Who will see my data, is it anonymous?

All information and data collected in our app is completely anonymous, so there is no way of connecting any data or tracks back to you. TracAce sends summary reports to site managers to help them improve their site and its attractions. See our privacy policy for more information.

Using the app’s features

Can I use the app when I’m not at a site?

Yes, you can scroll through the sites on the app and click on them to see more information about each one including points of interest, routes, information and photos.

Can the app help me navigate to a site?

Yes, click the arrow icon in the yellow site information box to open the Google Maps App on your phone with directions to the site. The yellow box also contacts contact information for the site.

How do I start recording a track?

Once you’re at a site, click on the site’s yellow box on the main app menu and you will be asked if you would like to begin recording a track. Click OK to start recording and access the live app features.

What happens when you start recording a track?

When you start recording, you will be able see your device moving on a live map and a track that shows where you’ve been. You can also access your live statistics which show how long you’ve been tracking, how far you’ve travelled, how many steps you’ve taken and how fast you’re going.

Can I view the information about a site without recording my track?

Yes, if you are not on a site, just click on the yellow box for the site and it will open the site information page. If you are on a site, click the eye shaped icon on the app’s main menu to open the site information page.

How can I see more information about a place, feature or point of interest on a site?

Click onto a site’s information page to view a list of the site’s places, points of interest, features and attractions. You can click on the listed places to reveal more information about it including its location on a map, a description, photos and any routes associated with that location.

How can I view suggested walks and routes?

When viewing information about a place on a site (see previous question) any routes associated with that place will also be listed. If a walk is listed here, click on it to show the route on the map. You can see the walk description in full by clicking the downward arrow next to the route. You will also be able to see your current location by clicking the ‘target shaped’ icon on the map screen.

How can I sign up to view my past statistics and tracks?

You will need to subscribe to the TracAce newsletter to view your past statistics. When recording on a site, click on the ‘Your Stats’ button at the bottom of the screen. Select the option to sign up to Historic Stats and enter your email address. The app will now collect and store your statistics and routes.

How can I view my past stats when not on a site?

Click on the Settings Menu button on the top left of the screen and select the option ‘View Stats’. You can also click on each trip in the menu to see the route. Note, to access past stats you need to be signed up to our app newsletter (see previous).

How can I recommend a new site to add to the app?

In the Settings menu on the top left of the main menu screen, there is a Feedback link. Click this to be taken to our feedback page where you can submit your suggestions.

How can I leave feedback about the app or make suggestions?

In the Settings menu on the top left of the main menu screen, there is a Feedback link. Click this to be taken to our feedback page where you can submit your suggestions.

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