How digital apps contribute to 'Sustainable Tourism'

2nd March 2022

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is about increasing the benefits of tourism whilst reducing the negative impact of tourist activities on the environment.  True sustainable tourism actually makes locations better for both visitors and locals alike… whether they be man or beast!

The goals of sustainable tourism:

  •     > Protecting natural environments, wildlife and natural resources whilst developing tourist activities
  •     > Providing socio-economic benefits for local communities
  •     > Preserving and celebrating local and cultural heritage whilst creating authentic tourist experiences
  •     > Creating inclusive and accessible tourist opportunities

The role of digital technology:

Smart technology is shaping the future of tourism, enabling attractions and destinations to shift into a new, greener age. Integrating digital solutions provides both long and short-term benefits for sites to promote both responsible and sustainable tourism whilst enhancing their visitor’s experience.

For Attractions:

This might start with simple steps such as reducing the printing of maps and signage, to be replaced with online mapping and GPS technology. Digital technology opens doors for attractions to monitor path usage and overcrowding.  It is even possible to influence visitor behaviours through incentives, games and information that helps spread crowds to discover quieter areas of a site.

Mobile Apps revolutionise the delivery of communication, opening up new revenue streams, whilst education though media, virtual/augmented reality, creates superior engagement with attractions and exhibits.

For Visitors:

Tourists value experiences more than possessions.  Digital integration that enhances existing offerings promotes a better, more immersive cultural experience paving the way for ‘edu-tainment’.  Online mapping and way-finding tools also mean visitors are more confident to explore further afield, immersing themselves and learning more about the environment and heritage of a location.


The Future of Sustainable Tourism:

We believe digital technology provides a more engaging experience that facilitates sustainable enjoyment for everyone.  Apps create opportunities for controlled yet more accessible and inclusive exploration, whilst encouraging education and an overall better understanding of a site’s cultural message.

The rapid evolution of mobile app technologies are producing digitally enhanced experiences that can and will benefit the visitor, the attraction, the local communities and the environment as a whole.

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