If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

23rd November 2021

The primary responsibility of every company should be to serve its customers.  After all, this is the essential condition for the company’s continued existence, sustainability and growth.  Profit is merely a by-product of excellent customer service.  Visitor attractions would be particularly well advised to adhere to this rule.  Their visitor experience is perhaps the single most important aspect that dictates success or failure on a daily-basis.

Peter Drucker, who is credited as the man who invented modern business management, penned a quote that we use as our TracAce motto:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

According to growthink.com, Drucker is widely regarded as the greatest management thinker of all time.  He wrote 39 books on the subject and was a leader in the field of management education right through to his death in 2005.  Taking action without thinking is one of Drucker’s key gripes with modern businesses.  It might sound obvious, but this ‘strategy’ is shockingly common.  Acting on gut feelings, instincts and suggestion rather than taking the time to collect, measure and interpret hard evidence is the start of almost every strategic downfall.

When you don’t take steps to understand your business, and particularly the critical factors that affect your wins and losses, you’re left groping in the dark.  So where does that leave our visitor attractions?  Traditionally these businesses rely on customer surveys, questionnaires and tick boxes.  But there’s a problem here.  Questionnaire data is not only useless when it is inaccurate but it can lead you down the wrong path entirely.  And how often is that? According to Forbes, most customer surveys are inherently inaccurate, unreliable, or misleading (forbes.com).

TracAce Explorer was specifically designed to accurately and reliably measure the customer experience on behalf of visitor attractions.  Our software uses proprietary algorithms developed by some of the smartest brains in the world to measure and interpret customer data.  This is a new way for businesses to learn directly from their visitors with hard, evidence-based data.  We enable visitor attractions to put their customers first by accurately measuring, and thus improving their visitor experience.


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