The Met Office and University of Exeter lend their Resources to TracAce!

2nd September 2021

Throughout 2021, various organisations have supported TracAce Explorer both in terms of finances and expertise.  One of those organisations is the Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab (Impact Lab).

The Impact Lab, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is a partnership of several world class organisations including the Met Office and the University of Exeter.  TracAce Explorer was selected to receive a combination of specialist support and academic expertise from the Impact Lab’s Innovation Support Team as well as funding to progress our technology.

Ola Oluwasuji from the Impact Lab who is working on this project said, “We’re excited to be working with and supporting TracAce Ltd on the development of their Explorer technology.”

This support has been used to facilitate the development of the TracAce Explorer smart phone apps on IOS and Android platforms.  Furthermore, experts from the Met Office and the University of Exeter are working to develop automated data processing and reporting tools for TracAce Explorer, which employ proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques.  This will mean the billions of anonymised GPS data points collected from our apps will be turned into meaningful statistics and revealing figures, all delivered to clients in record time.

The support of the Impact lab has been invaluable in turning TracAce Explorer into a truly innovative technology.  Our software generates powerful data sets and is now capable of revolutionising client development plans and transforming visitor’s experiences.

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